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The idea behind VIP originated almost a decade ago, when George and Melissa Sharpe ate their last bar of $1 chocolate, looked in the mirror, and thought, "Enough!" They wanted to support the San Juan County community, but wondered if there might be a better way. The Sharpe's laid the groundwork for their idea, and years later, with the help of Shantel and Ireke Cooper, the Volunteer Incentive Program became a reality. 

Fast forward to 2023, and VIP is quickly becoming the Four Corners' preferred method of fundraising for youth organizations. The organization has 501(c)3 non-profit status, and has distributed over one hundred twenty five thousand dollars since its inception. 

The benefits are widespread. When a youth organization partners with VIP, they have the opportunity to fund their activities through meaningful community service, helping local non-profit and community-minded organizations. Our donors get a double return: each dollar impacts the community twice!


The Program

The Volunteer Incentive Program partners with local youth organizations, including athletic, academic, religious, and social groups, by donating $15 per student per hour spent volunteering (up to $1500 per organization per year). The youth organizations choose their own volunteer activity and request approval from VIP. Upon completion, they are compensated out of our General Fund, which is funded by our donor pool. Donors also have the option to designate their contribution for specific youth organizations, in which case the maximum amount available can be raised (great for larger organizations!). Learn more!

Our Core Values

Inspire Good Citizenship - Promote a Strong Work Ethic - Foster Civic Pride


To support our youth by incentivizing them to serve in the community.

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