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Volunteer INcentive Program 
Donation Guidelines

1. Any Student team or club (Organization) within the San Juan County can participate in the program. Students are defined as being between 5 and 18 years of age. The Organization does not have to be associated with a school but can be any youth organization.
2. Funding will be paid to an Organization at a rate of $15 per Student per hour of volunteer time.
3. Money designated by Donors to go to specific Organizations shall be accounted for separately from General Fund money.  A Donor who designates money to an organization or individual may also specify the activity and/or the rate of pay. For example, rather than donating to the football team $15 per hour served, the Donor can specify that they will give a certain amount to an organization for a certain volunteer activity of a significant and meaningful nature consistent with the size and capabilities of the volunteer organization and as approved by VIP. Compensation for volunteer activities by an Organization shall be funded first by designations, and when those funds are exhausted, by General Fund money.

4. General Fund monies shall be available on a first come first serve basis. A maximum of $1,500 per school year will be donated to any team or club out of the General Fund. Subject to funding availability, applications from organizational subgroups (ie varsity and JV) may be combined when setting the maximum limit for that organization. A maximum of $500 per school year will be donated to any individual youth activity out of the General Fund. There is no limit to the amount of Designated Contribution money that can be given to a youth organization or to an individual youth.
5. 100% of designated money will go to the Organization, assuming they fulfill the volunteer requirements. Any remaining designated money that is not earned by the Organization in a school year will go into the General Fund for the next year. The General Fund money will be allocated per Paragraph 5 above. VIP agrees to administer the funds as designated on a best efforts basis.
6. A limited amount of General Fund monies will be used to provide accounting and other administrative services.
7. By February 15th of the year following any donation, VIP shall provide the Donor with a receipt confirmation for taxes and an accounting of all donations made by the Donor during the past calendar year. (VIP’s 501(c)3 number is 81-5270454) Said statement shall include but not be limited to:
     a. Designated Donation Amount(s)
     b. Designated Organization(s)
     c. Activity of Organization
     d. Designated money awarded the Organization
     e. General Fund Donation Amount
     f. Total Donation Amount

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