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Volunteer Incentive Program

Become a VIP Donor

To become a VIP Donor, please submit this form, then proceed to make your donation using our PayPal link.

To find out more about how we use your donations, read our Donation Guidelines.

Are you a..

Is your donation intended for our General Fund (to be used for all organizations) or designated for a specific youth organization (i.e. Hermosa Middle School Orchestra)?

Which specific organization is your donation designated for (if applicable)?

Special Instructions on Designated Donations: (A Donor who designates money to an organization or individual may also specify the activity and/or the rate of pay. For example, rather than donating to the football team $15 per hour served, a donor could designate $1000 to the football team for clearing trash from two miles of highway) If your donation includes Special Instructions, enter them here:

Does VIP have permission to publish the Donor's name (or business name) to our current year Donor list on our website and social media accounts?

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