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Volunteer Incentive Program

Post-Activity Form

Use this form if your organization has completed your volunteer activity.

Does VIP have permission to publish pictures of students participating in the activity:

VIP does not sponsor and is not associated with the volunteer Activity in any way. VIP does not recommend, promote or endorse individual volunteer Activities and is not responsible for the safety of the students at the Activity. VIP merely provides donations to the Organization based on Student service conducted at the volunteer Activity. As such, the Organization shall be fully and solely responsible for the safety of the Students participating in the volunteer Activity. The Organization should make sure that the volunteer Activity will be conducted under adult supervision. The VIP program urges organizations to evaluate activities to assure student safety. Further, the organization is encouraged to inquire whether the volunteer Activity will be covered by insurance provided by the Organization or their parent entity or the organization, entity or person being provided the volunteer service.

To receive funding, you must provide documentation, including a signature, from a representative of the organization where service was provided. Please upload your documentation (a photo of a signed statement from the representative will be acceptable).

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Please include a list of participating students and how many hours each student worked. You may upload a file or enter your response in the text box below. 

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