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Volunteer Incentive Program

Pre-Activity Form

Use this form if you are the Supervisor of a team, club, or other youth organization

To find out more about how VIP works, read our Rules of Engagement.

(If this application is for an individual, enter their name here)

Have the Parents of student approved this activity:

Does VIP have permission to publish pictures of students participating in the activity:

VIP does not sponsor and is not associated with the volunteer Activity in any way. VIP does not recommend, promote or endorse individual volunteer Activities and is not responsible for the safety of the students at the Activity. VIP merely provides donations to the Organization based on Student service conducted at the volunteer Activity. As such, the Organization shall be fully and solely responsible for the safety of the Students participating in the volunteer Activity. The Organization should make sure that the volunteer Activity will be conducted under adult supervision. The VIP program urges organizations to evaluate activities to assure student safety. Further, the organization is encouraged to inquire whether the volunteer Activity will be covered by insurance provided by the Organization or their parent entity or the organization, entity or person being provided the volunteer service.

I have read and understand the VIP program “Rules of Engagement”, and the language outlined above. I agree that the students will be under adult supervision throughout the event. I understand and agree that the VIP program is not involved in the volunteer event itself in any way except, subsequent to the event, to provide a donation to the Club/Team above based on the volunteer service provided by the students at the event.

If your activity is approved, you will be emailed an Activity Form. To receive funding, you will have to print and complete the Activity Form on the day of your volunteer project. The form will ask for a signature from the Cause Coordinator. 

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